Whats On Non Profit Listing

Whats On Non Profit Listing

Huge savings from 14th December 2018 till 7th January- 2019 New Year edition.



Llandough Loves Issue:  7th January 2019- New Year Edition
File required for publication:  PDF or Jpeg
Email your completed advert to:  hello@llandoughloves.com
Deadline for submission:  7th January 2019

This is your opportunity to share events and raise awareness of what's on. All non profit events are free to list in 'Llandough Loves'. 





Hints and tips for a successful advertisement. Organise your advert, Use bullet points and text boxes to organise your words, you want it to be clear and precise. Stand out from the rest and use a catchy headline, HEY! Over here!

You want the customer to chose you, so tell them exactly why they should. What’s good about you? Be competitive, explain how you are better than the rest. This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised, read it before you send it. Ask friends and family to comment before you give it to the wider audience. Make sense?

Make your contact details easy and obvious, this is a call to action and must be the most important part of the advert. Offer discount, everyone loves a bargain and it works.

You don’t have a lot of space so only say relevant things. You know the saying a picture speaks a thousand words? That’s one way of getting the content in! Do you have reviews or gushing comments from past clients? Lets hear them. Finally make sure you have a clear, clean finish. Messy or crowded adverts will be passed upon. 

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